• Shop the Art Walk Project!

    Shop the Art Walk Project!

    Hello, hello everyone! I have three announcements to share. First, the website is going to have a series of updates over the next few months. Nothing is going away but things will probably move around. Second, there is at least one more art walk coming before the end of the year. No spoilers on where,… Read more

  • Kendall Square Art Walk

    Kendall Square Art Walk

    If you’re looking to explore a place that epitomizes the intersection of art and science then you are in fact looking for Kendall Square in Cambridge. With juggernauts of science, education and technology literally shaping the neighborhood and the culture within it, it would be impossible to deny their impact on its evolution, and in… Read more

  • Back Bay Art Walk

    Back Bay Art Walk

    One of the most heavily trafficked areas of the city Back Bay is synonymous with almost everything that makes Boston the kind of place that people love to visit. It is full of food, shopping, bars, museums, historic sites, buskers, open markets and of course, public art. With all of those enticements it’s easy to… Read more

  • Hello Summer 2023 and Art Walk Project updates!

    Hello Summer 2023 and Art Walk Project updates!

    After an outstanding 2022 during which five new Art Walks were introduced and The Art Walk Project was featured in multiple news outlets the question is where to go next? With a new series of Art Walks planned for this year we started out the 2023 season with the Allston Art Walk, a 1.3 mile tour around the lively… Read more

  • Allston Art Walk

    Allston Art Walk

    It is hard not to be charmed by the cool vintage vibe as you meander down Harvard Ave. Of course, there are lots of people everywhere, bustling businesses and interesting restaurants but there are also pockets of street art punctuating the urban landscape at almost every turn. What has always interested me about Allston is… Read more

  • Downtown Boston Art Walk

    Downtown Boston Art Walk

    One of the busiest places in Boston is the Downtown area. A nexus of culture, commerce and creativity it is home to the historic center of the city, some of our most important public parks, civic buildings, and some of the nations most important historic sites and structures. From the bustling crowded streets of Downtown… Read more

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