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It is hard not to be charmed by the cool vintage vibe as you meander down Harvard Ave. Of course, there are lots of people everywhere, bustling businesses and interesting restaurants but there are also pockets of street art punctuating the urban landscape at almost every turn.

What has always interested me about Allston is that whether by accident, or by design, however much this community might change over the years it always seems to stay true to its self and stay eternally cool. Nowhere is this more apparent to me, than in the abundant art of the area which adds a very unique flavour to the neighborhood.

The art on this tour speaks about the strength of the community and a collective commitment to creating a better future for everyone. This Art Walk features 22 different works of art on a 1.3 mile loop around Allston Village. The Work featured is largely murals and includes multiple pieces created by Gregg Bernstein and the Mayors Mural Crew, along with some other very unique pieces such as sculptures and a photo essay. As I’m sure you will notice there is also a lot of other art in this area, I encourage you to keep your eyes open for it as you walk around.

As a side note, I have added some “Creative Sidequests: for the advanced art walker, you will see them below. They come with a “hint” but no image. They are all adjacent to the areas you will already be walking through and they are intended to be a light challenge.

Please remember, as you walk around that this is a very busy working neighborhood with people from all walks. Please respect the neighborhood(s), the art, and the people who live and work there. You travel at your own risk, so it is up to you to be careful as you tour and as always live creatively and travel safely!

The Allston Art Walk was produced with help from Allston Village Main Streets ! A massive Thank You for the assistance. To learn about who they are and what they do please click the link.


Last Updated: October 14, 2023

Total Distance: approx 1.4 miles

Estimated Time: 45 minutes – 1 hr

Neighborhood: Allston Village, Boston.

Closest Subway: Greenline, Harvard Ave.

Food: For recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater


I have taken every effort to provide the most accurate information in the content of this website site. You travel at your own risk so travel smart and travel safe. I am not liable for any losses or damage arising from the use of the information on this website nor can I be held responsible for any unforeseen situations that may arise while you are using the information provided. I in no way condone trespassing or the destruction of public or private property. I reserve the right to change and/or update the information as needed.  This project is for individual use only. Publication, or reproduction and/or distribution without permission by the creator is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. Any and all content included on this site is subject to copyright including written copy, images, graphics and maps. The Art Walk Project, all images and content © Julia Swanson, 2023. All rights reserved.


Artist information, website, and IG handle included where available

  1. “Relief” Created by Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals and the Mayor’s Mural Crew / @mayorsmuralcrew, 2007. Glenville Terrace and Harvard Ave
  2. “Glenville Terrace Auto Body Mural” Original mural by Alfred Mira 1974,  Recreated by Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals 2020. (in the Alley next to Glenville Terrace & Harvard Ave)
  3. “The Factory” Created by Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals and the Mayors Mural Crew / @mayorsmuralcrew 2007  Across the street. 
  4. “Allston Then and Now” by Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals, 2013. Glenville Terrace & Harvard Ave
  5. “Steven Tyler” by Crocpaints / Dave O’Connor 2022. (walk up Glenville Terrace and take a Left on Spofford St.  It is in the alley to your left, facing you.  
  6. “Postcards from Allston”  By Edward Boches / @postcards_from_allston ( Photo Series. This is next to Tour le Jours on Harvard Ave.  
  7. “Parking Lot Mural Gallery” by multiple artists @_sobek_6 @greggbmurals @batwBoston  This is behind 125 Harvard Ave.  
  8. “Untitled multi coloured electrical box with sunrise” by Artist Unknown.  On the corner of Harvard Ave and Brighton Ave.
  9. “Greetings from Allston Village” by Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals, 2012.  On the corner of Harvard Ave and Farrington Ave.
  10. “Boston Public Garden” By Gregg Bernstein / @greggbmurals, 2016.  On Harvard Terrace
  11. “Untitled Mural of woman’s face and lettering exterior mural” by Jeremy Sokek / @sobeksuper6 and Jason Talbot /  On the old USPS post office building on Harvard Ave. 
  12. “Boston graphic lettering mural” by Ryan Adams / @ryanwritessonthings ( @thesnoeman. On Harvard Ave
  13. “Pair of untitled wrought iron sculptures” by unknown.  These two pieces are side by side right next to the parked cars
  14. Windows of Allston” by Elli Crocker, 2002. ( Corner of Franklin and Cambridge.  This is the series of Murals on the top half of the building.
  15. “A Birds Eye View if Allston Village” by Gregg Bernstein, 2011 / @greggbmurals  Corner of Franklin and Cambridge.  This is beneath “Windows of Allston” 
  16. Winds of Change” by Lena MaCarthy / @_lena_mac_ (Lena McCarthy)
  17. “Shop Small” Caleb Neelon, 2015 / @caleebneelonart, Caleb Neelon , Corner of Cambridge and Denby Road 
  18. “Untitled Sunflower Mural” by “unknown artist” This is on two sides of the Allston Brighton Child and Family Services on Cambridge St
  19. “Untitled fruits and vegetables mural” by Artist Unknown.  This is on the front back and sides of the Bazaar Super Market Market. On Cambridge Street
  20. “Radiate” by Lena Mac 2019 / @_lena_mac_ . Lena McCarthy. Allston Car Wash Cambridge St
  21. “Untitled rainbow sunrise mural” by Howie Green @howiegreen. This is on the front of the Model Cafe at 7 North Beacon Street.
  22. “Look for Me My Family” by Rixy Fernandez, 2022 / @Rixy ( Horace Mann School. Intersection of Cambridge St and Brighton Ave
  23. “Famous Joe’s” created by Gregg Bernstein/ @greggbmurals and the Mayors Mural Crew, 2006  Side of The Silhouette 
  24. “Untitled women in window” by artist unknown.   


For the advanced art walker

“Vivant Vintage Murals” by Hiero Veiga, 2019 @hieroviega hint: Footbridge

“Ringer Park Mural” by Jill Rosati, 2022 @acidplaydough ( hint: Courts

“Untitled Allston T Mural” by Artist Unknown hint: Harvard Ave

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This gallery is in approximate order.

The Allston Art Walk, map and tour, is part of The Art Walk Project. All images and content © Julia Swanson, 2023. All rights reserved.

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