Frequently Asked Questions

How do I art walk?

Good question! Using the map and art list. Follow along and find the numbered places. To help you locate art I have also provided a gallery of images and included the street addresses, IG handle, artist website etc… where I could find them.

I thought the project was free to use?

If you use the project directly on the Art Walk Project website, it is. That remains free. If you want to download the art walk maps and pdfs and print those out to take them with you, that is $5.00 per download.

Who can art walk?

Anyone who wants to try an Art Walk, feels capable of doing it and can get to designated area is welcome to do an Art Walk. I’ve tried to make these as accessible as possible. That being said some neighborhoods are going to be more accessible than others. Go at your own pace, and don’t feel you need to do it all at once.

Do I need anything special to art Walk?

Not. I would recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing. I also recommend bringing the map either on your phone or printed out, as well as having a map app accessible if you aren’t familiar with the area(s). Obviously If it’s hot out bring sunscreen and water and If you’re going to be on Public Transportation you might also want a facemask.

Is this tour available in any other languages?

Yes, the website is translatable via Google Translate. Simply select the language you are looking for from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.

How do I get there?

All of these walks are easily accessible via public transportation, which I’ve made a note of in each post. They can also typically be reached by car, bicycle and on foot. Before you head out I recommend you research the location, parking and how to get there if you are not familiar with the area. Please keep in mind that parking in Boston can be tricky and expensive.

Is this map for driving?

NOOOOO….. THIS MAP IS NOT FOR DRIVING.  This map is a graphic representation of the neighborhood only and they are meant to give you a general idea of where to find the works of art as you walk through. I recommend that before you venture out you familiarize yourself with the area and/or also employ a map app as well.

How do I learn more about the artist(s) and connect with them?

Where available I have provided information about the artists. This means that when I could find it I did my best to include an Instagram handle, or website or sometimes both. Please keep in mind that while many artists enjoy hearing from people with genuine interest or appreciation for their work not all artists are as interested in connecting in that way. Please be respectful if you try to reach out.

How often are the art walk maps are updated?

I don’t have a schedule but I do tend to check and tweak maps as I go. If hear of new work going up I will check and see if it’s something I need to include and add it in.

When will your next art walk be available?

These do take a bit of time and money for me to complete so although I can’t give an exact date for when the next one will be released. If you want to be notified when a new map is released I would recommend that you subscribe to my mailing list (on the bottom of the page) to receive notifications about new posts and when the next map is made available.

Why is some art not included on the Art Walk Map?

There are a number of different reasons. Sometimes art goes up after I create the tour, or I feel that adding more art would make the experience too confusing. That doesn’t mean the art isn’t worth noting it just means you should consider it an added bonus to your adventure.

What if I have information about some art or an artist that I think could be included in an art Walk?

This is an ongoing process, so if you have information that I am missing on one of the art walks please send me an email (link below) and let me know what information is (stuff like artwork title, artist name, website, date of creation etc…) so that I can add it.

How can I help and support the project?

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