Kendall Square Art Walk

If you’re looking to explore a place that epitomizes the intersection of art and science then you are in fact looking for Kendall Square in Cambridge.

With juggernauts of science, education and technology literally shaping the neighborhood and the culture within it, it would be impossible to deny their impact on its evolution, and in fact on the evolution of the entire Boston area, but on the art present as well. With a focus on exploring the intersection of art and science, which has long been one of my favourite creative genres, this art walk takes you on a very unique adventure.

From murals, to architecture, to incredible sculptures, installations and even a gallery this area is nothing if not surprising. This two mile walk around Kendall Square will take you through some twists and turns (and up and down some stairs). It features a selection of art that combines work presented by different groups and organizations which help highlight the humanity and creativity that is essential to the scientific world. Without question the largest influence in the area is MIT which has an absolutely incredible collection of Public Art, along with its own art walk, of which I’ve included some pieces in this Art Walk as well. I have also included some architecture along with the Koch Institute Public Gallery which features an impressive collection of science based art. While it periodically changes I can not recommend it highly enough. Seeing research interpreted in a creative form gives it an accessibility and a way to appreciate the work being done that it might otherwise not have. The Koch Institute Public Gallery is only open on week days, so please plan accordingly. (M-Th 8am-6pm, F 8am-4pm, CLOSED Sat/Sun).

Kendall Square is one of the more easily accessible neighborhoods as it is right on the Redline Line and is also about a 20 minute walk from Central Square. Although this Art Walk is short it is challenging because of the neighborhood and the campus layout. This is a very busy neighborhood and there is still construction happening so be careful as you explore.

Please respect the neighborhood(s), the art, and the people who live and work there.

As always, live creatively and travel safely!


Last Updated: Sept 8, 2023

Total Distance: approx 2 miles

Estimated Time: 1.5 hrs

Neighborhood: Kendall Square, Cambridge.

Closest Subway, Redline – Kendall/MIT

Food: For recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater


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Artist information, website, and IG handle included where available

  1. “Two Untitled Mural Arches” by @jessieandkatey ( Both Sides of courtyard
  2. Wonderous Traveler” by Silvia Lopez Chavez, 2022.  @silvialopezchavez (
  3. Find Joy” by Creative Machines, 2022
  4. “Chromatic Antiphony” by Maria Molteni, 2022 @strega_maria ( on the rooftop garden
  5. A Community Reflects” by Silvia Lopez Chavez. 2021.  @silvialopezchavez ( Part of the Kendall Square Art Activation within the MIT, made possible by MITIMCo
  6. “Small corner mural” by Unknown
  7. “Galaxy” by Otto Piene,Joe Davis, Joan Brigham, Allan Schwarz, 1990
  8. “Charles Gate” by Percy Fortini-Wright.  @percyfortiniwright ( Produced in conjunction with MITIMCo and @now_and_there In the Alley at 139 Main Street  
  9. “Canal District Mural 1” by Julz Roth @julzroth and @vise_1_boston
  10. “Canal District Mural 2 by Adam O’Day,  2019. @adam_oday ( On Broad Canal Way. 
  11. “Neuron” by Chris Williams, 2015. @chriswilliamssculpture  (Chris Williams Sculpture)
  12. “Fellow Creatures” by Sophy Tuttle, 2023. @sophytuttle ( Made in conjunction with MITMIco. On the door of Broadway Street Garage.
  13. Untitled Garage Mural illusion with concentric circles” by unknown, 2023
  14. “Past, Present, Future” 2022. Mural designed by Youth Artists who are part of the Teen Public Art Program at the Community Art Center. @caccambridge (  Corner of Ames Street and Brookline Street.
  15. “Untitled window installation at Google,” by Unknown Artist.  325 Main Street.  Window Installation, view from Street.  
  16. “Against the Run” Alicja Kiwade, 2019 @alicjakwade (
  17. “The End of Signature” by Agnieska Kurant, 2021 (blue) @agnieszka.kurant (Public Art, MIT, End of Signature)
  18. “The End of Signature” by Agnieska Kurant, 2022 (white) @agnieszka.kurant (Public Art, MIT, End of Signature)
  19. “Lower Courtyard” by Richard Fleischner, 2010. (Public Art, MIT, Lower Courtyard )
  20. “Working Model for Reclining Figure” by Henry Moore, 1963-1965 (Public Art, MIT, Working Model for Reclining Figure
  21. Weisner Building by I.M. Pei, 1985. MIT List Visual Arts Center. @mitlistarts 20 Ames Street ( & MIT Media Lab. @mitmedialab 75 Amherst Street ( ) (Public Art, MIT, Weisner Building
  22. “Aesop’s Fables II” by Mark di Suvero, 2005. Behind Koch Institute, Across from List Visual Arts Center.  (Public Art, MIT, Aesop’s Fables II)
  23. Ray and Maria Stata Center by Frank Gehry, 2004.  32 Vassar Street. 
  24. “Invaders” Gary Wiley, 2981. On the back side of the Stata Center.  (Public Art, MIT, Invaders.)
  25. Sean Collier Memorial, by J Meejin Yoon, 2015. Between the Stata Center and the Lock Institute.  (Höweler + Yoon)
  26. Koch Institute Public Gallery. Open Mon – Thur 8am-6pm, Fri 8am – 4pm. Closed on Sat & Sun.  Features a rotating gallery of science based art.   500 Main Street.  @kochinstitutemit (
  27. “Through Layers and Leaves” (Closer and Closer) by Martin Boyce, 2011.  Koch Institute foyer, Open M-Th 8am – 6pm, Fr 8am- 4pm. @kochinstitutemit (
  28. “SCIENTIA” by Ursula Von Rydingsvard, 2016 @ursulavonryd  (
  29. “This is Where we Live, Work and Create” Created by the Community Art Centers Youth Advisory Board and youth assistants.  With guidance from Silvia Lopez Chavez & Amanda McGarrity. @caccambridge
  30. “Untitled Community Art Center Mural” by The Community Art Center.  @caccambridge.

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This gallery is in approximate order.

The Kendall Square Art Walk, map and tour, is part of The Art Walk Project. All images and content © Julia Swanson, 2023. All rights reserved.

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