Chinatown Art Walk

Cool art and good food are two of the best reasons I can think of to go anywhere. Whether you are enjoying the culture, people, shopping, or food Chinatown has always been one of the most distinct neighborhoods in the city and there is always a reason to stop by and see what’s going on.

A neighborhood isn’t just a place on a map it’s the people who live and work there. The work included in this Art Walk reflects a lively and passionate community that has not only been integral to the evolution of the City of Boston but one that is rich with history and is as deeply committed to its past, as it is to its future. With a growing collection of public art that includes 20 different pieces, the spectrum of art spread throughout the neighborhood is an unique collection that spans about a 30 year period and includes everything from replicas of fine art to murals from different decades to a interactive installation.

In my opinion this is one of the most easily accessed areas via public transportation, specifically the orange line, but it is also easily accessed via South Station on the Redline. This a very busy, population dense and traffic heavy area and the sidewalks can be difficult to navigate in parts so you need to be extra careful as you tour. As always please respect the neighborhood and the people who live and work there, and have a safe visit.


Map Updated: September 27, 2023

Total Distance: under 1 mile

Estimated Time: 20 min – 45min. Depending on your pace.

Neighborhood: Chinatown

Closest Subway: Chinatown – Orange Line , Tufts Medical – Orange Line, South Station – Red Line

Food options: If you are looking for recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater

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THIS MAP IS NOT FOR DRIVING. If you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood I recommend you also employ a map app.


Instagram handles and websites included where available

  1. “Untitled mural depicting comic book art” by Unknown.  Electrical Box, on island in between Essex Street and Harrison Street. 
  2. Philips Square Gathering place on Harrison Street, between Essex and Beach Street
  3. 2 Guardians,” gift from Taiwan.
  4. “Untitled mural depicting foods and natural themes” by unknown on the side of Kaze Shabu @kazeshabu
  5. “Tied Together by A Thousand Threads” by Shaina Lu, 2017 @shainadoesart / Shaina Lu ( & Yvonne Ng 
  6. “Where We Belong” by @giftponnapa / Ponappa Prakkamakul, 2021.  Corner of Essex and Oxford @acdc @oxfordpropgroup
  7. Sampsan Sail by Unknown. Corner of Essex and Surface Road. Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Chin Park
  8. Bamboo Garden, Waterfall & Serpentine Path.  Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Chin Park
  9. Engulf” by @juantraviesoart /Juan Travieso,2018 / Juan Travieso  ( Cross the Surface Road at the intersection and then walk around the the back of the divider.
  10. Chinatown Gate1982. Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Chin Park
  11. Guardians.  In front of the Chinatown Gate.  Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Chin Park
  12. “Clear Weather in the Valley” by Unknown.Banner Wrap. Reproduction of painting in MFA. Mary Soo Hoo Park
  13. “Untitled mural depicting mythical creatures” by Boston Youth Conservation Corps. Mary Soo Hoo Park
  14. Tianamen Memorial”by Unknown.  Across from Chinatown Gate. Mary Soo Hoo Park
  15. Pagoda on the top of the Chinese Merchants Association Building,” 1951. This is supposed to be viewed from the street.  Look up at the Corner of Kneeland and Hudson. 
  16. “Green, Pink, Yellow and figures Electrical Box”by unknown 
  17. “Story of an Ancient Vase” by @bryanbeyung / Bryan Beyung,2019 (
  18. “Untitled white mural with blue figure” by Unknown
  19. “Untitled mural with spray paint can, cat and flower” by Unknown.On Side of Shojo
  20. “Untitled South Cove Community Health Center Tobacco Control Mural Project,” by Boston Youth Cleanup Corps.1998by various 
  21. Shakespeare Bust,” by Unknown.  Beach Street. 
  22. “Chinatown Heritage Mural” by Wen-Ti Tsengis a copy of “Autumn Mountain with Travelers” by Wang Yun. Oxford Street and Beach Street, in a tiny courtyard. 
  23. “Old Globe Theatre” built by Arthur H Vinal 1884 – 1887, now Empire Garden Restaurant and a Grocery Store.  Originally a Vaudeville Theater.  692 Washington Street.
  24. Purple Electrical Box with people and food” by @ykookart / Yuko Okabe ( 711 Washington Street. 
  25. “Electrical Box with Dragons” by @yonka_draws 711 Washington Street
  26. “Rainbow electrical Box with bird, people and nature themes,” by @justflyproject / Jasmine Lee (

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Photos are in approximate order

The Chinatown Art Walk map and tour is part of The Art Walk Project © Julia Swanson, 2022. To learn more about it and see other Art Walks please visit my website

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