South Boston Art Walk, Feat. Ink Block Underground

At the far end of the South End and just below an overpass awaits a pocket of public art you might not yet be aware of. Happening upon it the Underground at Ink Block feels like kind of a creative oasis and at just under a mile, with benches and tables as well as being close to places you can find good take out AND being surrounded by amazing art, it kind of is.

Showcasing 24 different installations Underground at Ink Block was created in 2017 and features work that was installed in three different periods, first in 2017, then in 2019 and most recently in 2020. The art which was produced by an incredible group of national and international artists was produced in partnership with Reebok, and National Development, and was curated by Street Theory, a local creative agency. It represents an ambitious and engaging avenue for people looking to experience art that is contemporary, evocative and en plain air.

This Art Walk includes the art work in the Underground at Ink Block as well as a few additional pieces including the iconic “Wales” mural that used to be visible from the highway.

Getting there was a lot easier than I thought it would be. This Art Walk is easy to access on public transportation. It is a 1/4 mile walk on foot over the James Kelly Bridge from the Broadway T Station on the Red Line, and about one mile from the Back Bay T station on the Orange line (please use a Map App if you are not familiar with the area, the street address is 90 Traveler Street). Walking from the Broadway T Station you can see the artwork from the bridge as you walk over it, Walking from Back Bay it is behind the Ink Block Building. As a side note this is also about a five minute walk from the SoWa Open Market (open May-October). Please keep in mind that this a traffic heavy area and some of the art is in a parking lot so you need be careful as your visit.

Please keep in mind as you tour that the city is a busy place with people from all walks. It is up to you to be careful as you walk around. Please respect the neighborhood(s) and the people who live and work there, and have a safe visit.


Map Updated on October 25, 2023

Total Distance: 1 Miles/ 1.6 kilometers

Estimated Time: 30 min – 1hr. Depending on your pace.

Neighborhood: South Boston

Closest Subway: Broadway Station, Red Line (1/4 of a mile from Broadway Station. Walk over the James M. Kelly Bridge)

Street Address: 90 Traveler Street

Food: If you are looking for ideas I recommend checking out Boston Eater.

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THIS MAP IS NOT FOR DRIVING. If you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood I recommend you also employ a map app.


Instagram handles and website included where available

  1. “Sacred Journey” @gofive 2019 (two sides)
  2. “For Giving For Getting” @matthewzaremba / Matthew Zaremba, 2019 (
  3. “Cranes in the Sky” @Marka_27 / Victor Quiñonez, 2019 (
  4. “untitled” @hoxxoh / Douglas Hoekzema 2017 (
  5. “untitled” @murOne / Iker Muro (
  6. “Holy Mackerel” @percyfortiniwright / Percy Fortini-Wright, 2017 (
  7. “Be More Human” by @ewokmskhm 2017 
  8. “Untitled” @upendo_ / Upendo Taylor-Watts, 2017 (
  9. “Up and Under” @silvialopezchavez / Silvia Lopez Chavez, 2019 (
  10. “Untitled” @upendo_ / Upendo Taylor-Watts, 2017  ( 
  11. “Untitled” @rastagrandpa / Sagie Vangelina De La Cruz (
  12. “Nevertheless” by @thydoan / Thy Doan, 2017 (
  13. “Untitled” @problak / Rob Gibbs, 2017 (
  14. “Untitled” @Marka_27 / Victor Quiñonez, 2017 (
  15. “Untitled” @domrimx / David Sepulveda, 2017 (
  16. “Love” by @officialceyadams / Cey Adams, 2017 (
  17. “Untitled” @danawoulfe / Dana Woulfe, 2019 (
  18. “Surya” @imagine876 / Sneha Shrestha, 2017 (
  19. No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper” by @officialceyadams / (, @marka_27 / Victor Quiñonez (, @problak / Rob Gibbs (, and @robstull (, @iamwetpaint 2020.
  20. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by @problak / ( @Marka_27 (2020) 
  21. “Choice” @gregbfb / Greg Lamarche, 2019 (
  22. “Untitled” @vyalone / Vyal Reyes, 2017 (street-theory/vyalone)
  23. “Untitled” @indie184 / Soraya Marquez, 2017 (
  24. “Underground at Inkblock” by @steezmagazine / Steez Design, 2017 (
  25. “Whales” by Ron Deziel,1998.  On the side of Planet Storage
  26. “Whales #2” by @tyson_andree / Tyson Andree, 2015, On Traveler Street
  27. “Beyond King Tut” by Heidi Schork and the Mayor’s Mural Crew. @mayorsmuralcrew Designed by Bobby Zabin. 2022
  28. “Untitled red, black and blue squares murals” by Joe Taveras.  (

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Photos are in approximate order

The South Boston Art Walk Feat. Ink Block Underground map and tour is part of The Art Walk Project © Julia Swanson, 2022. To learn more about it and see other Art Walks please visit my website

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  1. We are looking forward to doing this walk tomorrow. Seems simple enough with the downloadable map and credits.

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