A Central Square Art Walk

If you’re interested in Public Art, and looking to see something new there is probably no better neighborhood to get started than Central Square in Cambridge. Situated directly on the Redline, Central Square is known to be one of the more colourful neighborhoods in the Metro Boston area and has a long history of supporting creative expression in all its forms. With a series of murals and public art installations that date back decades, Central Square recently introduced a series of murals that are part of the Central Square Mural Project, which began in the fall of 2019 and coincided with the 10 year anniversary of “Graffitti Alley,” a.k.a. Modica Way, a local treasure and a Gram-able hot spot known for its vibrant and eccentric rotating gallery of wall and graffiti art.

Even with our lives upended by Covid, Central Square continues to be a vibrant neighborhood that supports new creative voices and community through the addition of new artwork. Some of the newest work is part of the “Speak Your Piece Campaign” designed to promote inclusion and embrace diversity through new public art pieces installed throughout the neighborhood. The truth is there is always new work being planned and installed. The murals feature a wide range of talents, subjects and locations, all are either on Mass Ave or Mass Ave adjacent, and when combined together they make for a fun and engaging afternoon for anyone who misses museum visits and is looking to get out and about, and maybe seek out something new.

Please keep in mind as you tour that the city is a busy place with people from all walks. It is up to you to be careful as you walk around. Please respect the neighborhood(s) and the people who live and work there, and have a safe visit.


Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Total Distance: approx 2 mi/3.2 Kilometers

Estimated Time: 45 minutes – 1:30 min

Neighborhood: Central Square, Cambridge.

Closest Subway: Redline, Central Square.

Food: For recommendations I suggest checking out Boston Eater


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Artist information, website, and IG handle included where available

  1. Series of Portraits” by @jesusmanuelart / Jesus Manuel, (Jesus Manuel Pizzarro website) .Utility Box in front of Cambridge City Hall at 795 Massachusetts Ave.
  2. Untitled” by @soleiarts / Emma Leavitt. In front of 1369, 757 Massachusetts Avenue
  3. Untitled” by @talbotsart / Michael Talbot, (www.talbotsart.com ) Utility Boxes in front of Pill Hardware, 743 Massachusetts Ave
  4. Cambridge and Beyond” by @percyfortiniwright / Percy Fortini Wright, (percyfortiniwright.com) 743 Mass Ave. Look up above Pill Hardware
  5. Power” by @_lena_mac_ / Lena McaCarthy, Lena McCarthy This is behind Pandemonium Books and Games. Corner of Pleasant and Green Street 
  6. Untitled@goldlemons / K Meyers (goldlemons.net) utlility box at the corner of River St and Mass Ave
  7. Untitled Green Street Garage mural” by @vise_1_boston / Cedric Douglas and @julzroth / Julz. At 260 Green Street 
  8. Dot Matrix” by Ed Andrews.  On the stairwell at the corner of Green Street and Pearl Street)
  9. Untitled Central Square Public Library Mural” by @SilviaLopezChavez / Silvia Lopez Chavez (www.silvialopezchavez.com) Green Street – Pearl Street
  10. Celebrating the Marshland”  Lilli Ann Rosenberg (Mosaic, Central Sq Public Library, 45 Pearl St
  11. Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.Lilli Ann Rosenberg [Mosaic, Central Sq Public Library, Franklin St
  12. Untitled” Utility Box by @naijahnine / Naijah Nine (naijahnine.com) Corner of Mass Ave and Brookline St
  13. Crosswinds” by Daniel Galvez  Side of the Middle East, 472 Massachusetts Ave
  14. Nocturnal” by Artists at  artbioollaborative.com Corner of Brookline Street and Green Street)
  15. Diurnal” by the Artists at artbioollaborative.com Corner of Green Street and Brookline Street
  16. Untitled@Vyalone On the corner of Pearl Street and Green Street  
  17. “Series of three Firestation Planters” by @oh_sabeedee / Sabrina Dorsainvil, (sabrinadorsainvil.com)
  18. “For Cambridge With Love from Nepal” by @Imagine876 / Sneha Shrestha, 2018 (www.imagine876.com)  Corner of Sidney Street and Mass Ave
  19. Belonging” by the Fearless Collective  Lafayette Park and Columbia Street
  20. Set me Free” & “Illuminated” by @rixyfz / Rixy Fernandez (www.rixyfz.com) across from Uhaul & @rastagrandpa 
  21. Set me Free” & “Illuminated by @rastagrandpa / Sagie (rastagrandpa.com) & @rixyfz Bishop Allen Drive and Main Street
  22. Minerva and the Muse” by @hueman_ / Alison Human, 2020 (www.huemannature.com )  
  23. Untitled” by @curtistic (Alley Next to 907 Main) 
  24. Central Square Cultural District” sign by Kenji Nakayama @needsignswillpaint 2018. (www.needsignswillpaint.com)
  25. Queendom” by @Marka27 / Victor Quiñonez (www.street-theory.com)  At approximately 581 Massave. Above building
  26. Graffitti Alley – Aka “Modica Way” Multiple Artists.  (Next to Central Kitchen, near Hmart)
  27. Breonna under the Stars” by Youth Artists at @caccambridge / The Community Art Center (www.communityartcenter.org)
  28. The Potluck” by David Fichter /( www.davidfichter.com)  On the side of Hmart
  29. See Me” @mz.icar (Next to H-Mart, behind blue pop up shops) 
  30. The Starlight – Performance Space.  (www.starlightsquare.org
  31. Past, Present, Future” by @felipeortizart / Felipe Ortiz (www.felipeortiz.com) Corner of Norfolk Street and Mass Ave.
  32. The Teacher’s Home” by @calebneelonart / Caleb Neelon (www.calebneelon.com) On the other side of HMart. 
  33. View of Mass Ave Circa 1929” by @adam_oday / Adam O’Day (www.adamjoday.com) Essex Street and Mass Ave. 
  34. Faces” by Unknown – (Utility Box) Corner of Mass ave and Essex Street. 
  35. IDEO Building.  by @Eltono / Eltono (www.eltono.com) Exterior design of 80 Prospect Street 

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This gallery is in approximate order.

The Central Square Art Walk, map and tour, is part of The Art Walk Project. All images and content © Julia Swanson, 2023. All rights reserved.

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