Call to Action Meeting Number 2

Call to Action Meeting Number 2

Date(s) - Wednesday, September 2
10:30 am - 11:30 am


This is meeting number 2. You did not have to attend meeting number 1 to show up to this. Join as you can.
The agenda for this meeting is still in the works. Please check back for updates. Or better yet, if you have something of concern to add, please email to have your item added to the agenda.
Meeting number 1 we discussed the following:
We talked about the existing immediate relief needed for non-profit arts organizations that are not in operation due to COVID-19 and need assistance in the form of a policy order amending the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund to include non-profit arts organizations. This is slated to be heard at the City Council’s next regular meeting on Sept. 14. This order was tabled in last month’s meeting due to Councilor Simmon’s using her charter right before roll call.
We are slated to having MassCreative host a petition outlining the support of this policy order and adding additional longer-term items to it. Including:
Enact a property tax abatement for landlords and owners who lease to artists and arts and cultural organizations. Tie these property tax reductions to rental relief for those tenants.
Require a minimum percentage of arts spaces with new developments (modeling after affordable housing requirements).
Move discussions forward with local arts leaders, City planners, and outside experts to construct a “cultural plan” for the City to keep the legacy of Central Square Arts alive for years to come.
Explore ways to create new, permanent art spaces and secure existing facilities (including through the issuance of a municipal bond to support the acquisition and dedication of a municipal building for arts use).
This is still in draft mode, and if anyone would like to weigh in on the language or another “ask”, please comment here.
I also announced the launch of a public art/advocacy initiative which will take the words, images, and videos of the arts community and project them on to the West side of the Dance Complex from Studio@550’s roofdeck (dates and times TBA). Application will be rolling. To apply, please follow the link below. Please SHARE this widely. We need as many voices as possible!
Thirdly, we agreed that adding councilors to our mailing lists and keeping in touch not only with emergency situations, but also when things are moving along well. To show them what we are doing as artists and keeping them abreast of our work.
ALL interested are invited to join at any point in these discussions and action items. Especially if you are an artist who would like to advocate for the arts in Cambridge (or use these discussions elsewhere)! You may engage as you would like. Ranging from being a fly on the wall to providing knowledge, leadership, or a point of view.

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